Navigating the Follicular Phase with Ellune

Navigating the Follicular Phase with Ellune

In the second segment of our Cycle School Series, let's explore the Follicular Phase with Ellune, your trusted companion for embracing the 'Inner Spring.' Officially kicking off on Day 1 of your menstrual cycle, the Follicular Phase comes alive as your period gradually winds down.

Key Insights:

Throughout your Follicular Phase, witness the maturation of your follicles into eggs, gearing up for release during ovulation. As these follicles grow, they produce estrogen, the hormone that uplifts your mood. Feeling flirty, fun, and adventurous? That's the estrogen effect, encouraging you to connect with others and explore new avenues.

The Science Of Your Cycle - Follicular Phase:

To comprehend the Follicular Phase, let's delve into the workings of your ovaries. Ovaries house millions of tiny follicles with the potential to develop into eggs. Over several months, these follicles grow, but during the Follicular Phase, one dominant follicle takes the spotlight, maturing faster than the others. This follicle, akin to a tribute in The Hunger Games, stands ready for release during ovulation, typically occurring between Days 4 and 18, although individual cycles vary.

Remarkable hormones orchestrate the maturation of your eggs. The pituitary gland releases follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), instructing the follicle to grow. As it matures, the follicle produces increasing amounts of estrogen, reaching its peak just before ovulation. Picture estrogen as the Beyoncé of hormones, contributing to the sense of well-being during the Follicular Phase.

Why do I feel good in my follicular phase?

The joyous feelings during the Follicular Phase are attributed to estrogen's impact on serotonin, one of your happy hormones. Elevated estrogen levels boost serotonin production and the number of serotonin receptors in your brain. Additionally, estrogen influences the production and effectiveness of endorphins, making you feel energetic, positive, confident, and sociable—a state perfect for attracting a mate, echoing primal instincts.

Self-Care During Your Follicular Phase:

While reveling in the happiness and energy of your Follicular Phase, don't overlook self-care. Nurturing your mind and body during this time sets the stage for a healthy ovulation and a smoother luteal phase, reducing PMS symptoms.


With increased energy levels, the Follicular Phase is an opportune time for activity and exploration. Consider joining that HIIT class or combining exercise with socializing, such as hiking with friends. However, exercise caution, as studies suggest a higher risk of muscle and tendon injuries during the late Follicular Phase.


Carefully fuel your body during the Follicular Phase, as it can impact symptoms in the latter half of your cycle and during your period. Counter excessive estrogen with phytoestrogen-rich foods like flax seeds, tofu, sesame seeds, and dried fruits. Boost magnesium levels, crucial for estrogen metabolism, by consuming dark leafy greens and beans or considering a supplement.


Amidst the social surge, remember the importance of rest. Avoid burnout, as neglecting rest may catch up with you in the later stages of your cycle.

How Ellune Can Support You:

If you seek to maintain those uplifting Follicular vibes throughout your entire cycle, Ellune has an exclusive product launch coming this Autumn. Click below to be among the first to explore our innovative solution for a smoother cycle.

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