Ellune: The fast-acting, drug-free way to relieve your pain

Ellune offers effective targeted TENS relief, delivering pain relief precisely where needed. This portable and discreet TENS therapy stimulates nerves, triggering the release of natural pain-killing substances such as endorphins. Experience immediate period relief day and night.

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  • Pain Signals

    Your brain receives signals, indicating pain in your body

  • Attach & Activate the Device

    Ellune delivers carefully calibrated impulses that feel instantly soothing

  • Immediate Relief

    Your body release natural pain-killing endorphins

  • Ellune period pain relief benefits
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Why Ellune Is Best

• Suits all body shapes
• Slim, concealed and compact
• Wear on the go, exercise is easy
• Stays in place all day
• Nobody can see you are wearing it
• Really really comfortable

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  • STEP 1

    Place the gel pads on the area of pain

  • STEP 2

    Activate Ellune and select the intensity

  • STEP 3

    Get back to doing what you love

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What the professionals say...

As a gynaecologist, I often recommend that my patients suffering from painful periods use PaingoneEllune, and the results were conclusive! The device is discreet, and comfortable – even with high-waisted jeans and when exercising – simple and intuitive to use, and above all, it brings real relief. A must-try!

- Dr Odile Bagot, Gynaecologist

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