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The fast-acting, drug-free way to relieve your period pain.

Ellune - Period Pain Relief Device

Ellune - Period Pain Relief Device

94 total reviews

Instant pain relief.

Works for severe pain.

100% drug free - relief without the side effects.

Relief that lasts the day - the battery will last for 24 hours

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Features & Benefits

Immediate relief from period pain

Drug-free therapy

Compact and discreet

24 hour battery life

Clinically proven technology

Integrated LCD screen - see what power intensity suits you and how much battery power you've got left!

Suits all body shapes and stays in place all day

How Ellune Works

Ellune delivers proven TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to where you need it most. TENS helps to ease pain by stimulating your nerves, which send a signal to your body to release natural pain-killing substances, like endorphins, which effectively “switch-off” the feeling of pain.

TENS therapy is used in hospitals around the world for pain management. Now Ellune puts that same TENS therapy in a portable, discreet form that you can wear day-and-night for immediate relief when you really need it.

What's in the box?

Ellune device

2 x Electrodes

1 x connector

6 x replacement pads

2 x silicone covers

Carry case

USB charging cable



You have a full 90 days to enjoy Ellune and benefit from instant relief.

That said, we know that it isn't possible for everything to always suit everyone. That's why if you change your mind and want to return your Ellune, you can. No questions asked!

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How will Ellune feel?

Ellune uses gentle vibrations that feel like a pulsing massage under your clothes.

With your period pain gone, you can get on with your day, meet up with friends, go to work and do things that you love most.

Its discreet design means no fuss - wear your Ellune anywhere, you won't even notice it's there.

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Get your life back. Say goodbye to cramps.

Ellune is the 100% drug-free, TENS therapy that uses gate theory to block pain signals, leaving you pain free. Stop cancelling plans and letting period pain win! With our 90 day trial period, why wouldn't you give it a try?

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  • 1. Pain Signals

    Your brain receives signals, indicating pain in your body

  • 2. Attach & Activate the Device

    Ellune delivers carefully calibrated impulses that feel instantly soothing

  • 3. Immediate Pain Relief

    Your body release natural pain-killing endorphins

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  • Mel

    Perfect for an active lifestyle! Ellune is a discreet, wearable medical device for period pain that delivers relief all day!

  • Skylar

    A lot more powerful that my last device and a great upgrade. I would definitely recommend for anyone suffering with painful periods!!

  • Lois Wearing Ellune for period pain relief


    Small and discreet, brilliant for taking away on holiday!

  • Anais

    gone Ellune is effective in easing my mild to moderate pelvic pain ... I have to put the pads on as soon as I feel the first stabbing contractions. In the evening, it helps me to fall asleep and relax.

  • LudIvine Wearing her ellune for period pain


    Ellune has revolutionised my daily life! I suffer from endometriosis, adenomyosis and PCOS. Ellune has helped me to significantly reduce the amount of medication I was taking, as well as relieving my pain in record time!

  • Danielle wearing Ellune for period relief


    I’ve had endometriosis for years and I’ve tried Pain
    goneEllune. It’s a great help in managing my period pain, especially during severe attacks ... It’s small, light and discreet – no one has ever noticed it!

  • Young Female selfie wearing ellune for period pain relief


    The biggest benefit of Pain
    goneEllune is the battery life and the quality of the gel pads, which attach really well! The screen is really handy for checking the battery life. I’m very satisfied with it!

  • Satisfied Ellune customer holding an ellune pouch


    This product has really made a difference in my daily life. I have endometriosis, PCOS and other conditions, each more painful than the last. And now, every time I get my period or ovulation, I use my Ellune. What a relief! The battery and the gel pads last a long time. I have no complaints!

  • Hannah Holding her Ellune


    Thanks to Pain
    gone Ellune, my pain gets eased after just a few minutes. The screen is very practical to see the intensity settings.